Writing, moving, and plans. WTH is going on?

Most of you would have heard along the grapevine that the Jones’s are packing up house and moving to Portugal.

It’s true. As of today, I have 68 days left in Australia. Which means I have less than that to do a shitload of sorting out and pack up my belongings. I need to sell two cars, some appliances, various pieces of furniture, and take whatever is left (that isn’t coming with us) to charity. I have a big house and also plenty of years collecting a lot of useless stuff.

Who keeps empty boxes?

Turns out, I do!

Of course, I didn’t know I kept empty boxes until I started going through some cupboards. *sigh* Sooo much work.

So what does that mean for my writing? Well, unfortunately, not much will get done. Moving my family to the other side of the world has to take precedence, and I’m sure no one will disagree with me on that.

We’ll be moving to Praia de Galé (don’t click the link if you don’t want to be jealous) in July but then I have the big task of settling into our new life and getting the kids ready to start school in September. Even after the boys start their Portuguese education, I’ll be busy house-hunting (for more permanent accommodation) and generally finding my way around my new home.

I’ll keep you updated how things progress over the next few weeks. I’ll try and keep the writing up so I can release something this year, but no promises.

Wish me luck as I toddle off to tackle more cupboards.


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