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When you can’t figure out what to write for a blog post…

Ever find it difficult to come up with a blog post topic? Yeah me too. That’s why you don’t hear from me very often.

It wasn’t until I took my boys to register for this years season of football (yep, there goes my Sunday morning sleep-ins from now on 😦 ) that we took a wander around our local park and I thought I would share some pics of where I live.


Isn’t it pretty? We call this ‘The Duck Pond Park’ for obvious reasons. I have no idea what the actual name is despite living around the corner for the better part of ten years.

While we were there the local flock of cockatoos were in town. Yes, they’re a lovely looking bird, but they’re really a pain in the ass. Look what they’ve done to this tree:

IMG_1123You probably can’t see it too clearly, but half the tree is bare; stripped completely of its leaves. And they’re noisy. Seriously, a flock of this many birds screeching is enough to have you abandon the park and going for the ear plugs.

But there are some good points about these types of native birds. They’re cute for one, and they can talk and do tricks if you get one as a pet. But be prepared to fork out $$$ for a hand-reared baby. Their life span is long enough they’ll probably still be doing tricks at your funeral.

I saw these three (below) and thought about me and my two sisters. See the middle one is screeching and squawking and generally being a bitch, making sure we know that even though she’s the middle sister (not as cool as the older sister and not as pretty as the younger sister – read me) she’s still an integral part of the family.



But my favourite shot was of these two:



I watched them for a while and at first they were bickering back and forth like an old married couple, then the one on the left must have won the argument because she got a snuggle and groom from her partner. I can almost hear the aww’s.

I love living here.




Coffee? Left vein today please.

I was told by a well-known author friend of mine that now I have started writing I will end up with an addiction to coffee.


Little did she know I was already there.  My day does not start until after the first cup.  I’m fairly coherent after the second and I refuse to leave the house until after the third – unless of course I’m going out for coffee then the third one can wait. But not for long.

If you ever come to visit you may be offered a ‘George.’  I live on my Nespresso machine and I was very excited today when my delivery guy showed up with my usual 200 capsules. I sat down and enjoyed a ‘George.’

Everyone should have their very own ‘George.’  Emoji




Now all I need is a delivery guy who looks like this:


Or this:



Or maybe even this:



I’ll leave you with this note:


RJ x

A word on patience…

It would appear that I don’t posses this virtue, which I thought, for the past umpteen years I did.

I can sit at a cafe and wait patiently for my coffee, happy to people watch and view the sights around me.

I can sit at a train station and patiently wait for my ride to the city, again, happy to people watch.

If I have my Kindle with me, I could patiently wait all damn day.

Sometimes while waiting patiently for a doctor’s appointment I have waited patiently all damn day.

My kids often ask me ‘when’s Dad coming home?  When are our cousins coming?  When’s the bus coming?‘ to which I always reply, when he/they/it arrive. Have patience.

But it would seem when waiting for a reply from the publisher to see if my book is going to be contracted, then I have no patience.  Their submission details state X amount of weeks for the review process on all submissions.  I’m currently at the end of week 3 and I know I have at least another X amount of weeks to go.  But does this stop me from checking my email everyday, just on the off chance that the publisher has nothing better to do than review my submission?  No.

It’s stupid.  I know this.  I keep telling myself to have patience.  My husband says ‘suck it up, you’ll just have to wait.’  And he’s right.  I can’t do anything but wait, and hope it gets accepted.  And if it doesn’t?  Then I guess I’ll submit to another publisher and start the whole waiting patiently game again.

RJ x

I wrote a book.  I didn’t intend to write a book, it kinda just happened.  A scene (yes it was hot and dirty) popped into my head without much prompting.  The characters were so helpful as they guided me through each motion and emotion.  I don’t know how I knew, but I knew I had to write it down so I would be able to concentrate on the other aspects of my day, and get the two hotties in my head to shut up.  I kept thinking ‘this must be what it’s like for authors.’

So with the hubby and boys away on a camping weekend I had the house to myself. Lovely peace and quiet… It was the most intense weekend of my life.

I wrote the hot and dirty scene with the intent to stop the voices in my head.  It didn’t work.  After that scene they told me their whole story. In the first few days I didn’t sleep and I drank copious amounts of coffee – although I don’t think that’s different from any other day.  Emoji  I slept with a notebook and pen by my bed. It was that bad.

Eventually as their story was coming through and I was able to write, the men in my head started to realise that an RJ without much sleep isn’t much fun.  I learned how to shut them up – temporarily at least – well maybe not shut them up, but quieten them down somewhat.  They’re always present.

Their book is now in the hands of the publisher and I’m waiting to hear if they will accept it or not.  I have my fingers crossed.  The feedback from my beta’s so far as been extremely encouraging and my confidence has been boosted by their praise.

So this brings me to what I wanted to say in the first place.  This website.  Am I being presumptuous? Possibly. My husband has been extremely encouraging – despite vowing to never read my books – and said “back yourself.” And his other favorite, “start as you mean to go on.”

With his words ringing in my ears I’m starting as I mean to go on.  I may not be published yet but I’m hopeful I will be.  My bio states I’m an author of MM romance and I questioned the truthfulness of this statement.  One of my best friends said I am an author, I’m just not published yet.

❤ RJ x